Wan-Hye (WH) has started a new project in woman’s wellbeing therapy for a minority community from September 2019.

She is running a variety of introductory therapy classes for self & family wellbeing at Nadi Park Royal. The course duration is 2 hours and the fee is £15.

Also, WH and other practitioners will provide ladies only treatment from March 2020 on Tuesdays from 11 am to 3 pm at Nadi Park Royal. Each session will last for 30 minutes, and there will be only 6 treatments available each day per practitioner. Advanced booking is required.
The treatment fee is £30/30 minutes.

Please note: WH provides course handouts but not instrument(s) for introductory wellbeing classes at Nadi Park Royal, thus there are extra costs for purchasing your own instrument(s).