Wan-Hye is a senior lecturer in Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) with BSc (Hons) Biomedicine. Also, she is a TOM acupuncturist and a western medical acupuncturist.

She started to teach from 1989 in Seoul, South Korea and has been teaching at City Lit from 2005 in the UK. Her teaching is based on the philosophy that treatments tailored to the individual clients are what get the best results. To this end, all courses are “hands-on”.

Wan-Hye’s theoretical research in TOM, medical acupuncture and biomedicine combined with teaching and practice both in western and eastern as well as scientific approaches give her considerable insight into both the effectiveness and best use of various therapies and techniques, and into the delivery of training to ensure the best student outcomes and her treatment is individually designed in each session.

She continues to undertake a comprehensive programme of research into the benefits and efficacy of the range of treatment’s methods available. She developed Korean Hand Reflexology and Meridian Stretch in 2002.