Wan-Hye established The College of Oriental Therapy (TCOT) in 2013 for improving general understanding of the calm, gentle and individual approach of the Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) philosophy and how that could be translated into practical treatment in the West.

Traditional Oriental Medicine theories and methods have much to recommend them, but modern medicine and a greater understanding of the biology and physiology of humans demand that we use common sense to adapt these ancient theories to include today’s knowledge of how the body system works.

TCOT aims to ensure knowledge is incorporated into practice; that all learners have many opportunities to learn by hands-on methods; that the best elements of oriental and western theories and practice are combined; and very importantly, the courses will be designed to meet individual learners’ needs.

Wan-Hye combines a well grounding in theory with substantial hands-on practical training with lots of individual supervise exercises. This enables learners to be able to put what they have learned to immediate use, but she expects extremely high standards from her learners before she is fully confident to release them to practice as professional practitioners.